How it all began :-)

When I was about 12 years old, I was playing with my model railroad and built a short circuit and scorched a turnout.

I can't smell it, taste it or anything like that.

That's when I wanted to become an electrician.
I trained as a power system electronics technician at Meiller Kipper and repaired everything in the maintenance department. From sockets to robots :-)

During this time, I got into CB radio with friends.

In the German Armed Forces, I came to directional radios/telecommunications by chance.
One day, a sergeant major (radio amateur) came up to a comrade and me:

--> "You two are going to my friend's house tonight to look at amateur radio. He's starting a new series of training courses."

Well, we went and had a look. He showed us packet radio with a Commodore C64 and shortwave including Qsl cards from Father Moran JN1MM (Father in the Himalayas) and the Spanish King.

On the way back to the barracks we were already sure that we would become OMs!!!. We then went there twice a week to learn. Of the initial 8 participants, 2 of us remained after 1 year and then passed the C license exam!!!

After that, I registered with Ralf Häring, who was OVV of OV C28 at the time.
Then I joined the youth group in the club and went on to get my A license, later upgraded to a B license :-)

I did my technician 2 years after the army. There was a choice: Data processing, electrical engineering and communications engineering. Well, I was an electronics technician for energy systems, but I didn't want to do communications engineering because I didn't want a hobby and a job. So I ended up in data processing.

and in my current job I'm slipping more and more into the role of trainer and I really enjoy teaching others! So feel free to ask!



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